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Northease Manor School

Accessibility Statement

Northease Manor School uses website code which is compatible with W3C accessibility recommendations.

Key accessibility recommendations that we adhere to:

  • Semantic code is used
  • Colour is not used as the only way of conveying information or identifying content
  • When users resize text or change text spacing, no information is lost
  • Text reflows in small windows (“viewports”) and when users make the text larger
  • All functionality that is available by mouse is also available by keyboard
  • No moving text
  • Default foreground and background colour combinations provide sufficient contrast
  • There is more than one way to find relevant pages within a set of web pages
  • Users are informed about their current location within a set of related pages
  • Navigation mechanisms that are repeated on multiple pages appear in the same place each time 
  • User interface components that are repeated on web pages have the same labels each time 
  • Significant changes on a web page do not happen without the consent of the user
  • Form fields have labels and clear instructions

Things we consider when adding content:

  • The 'Image Description' field will be completed when we add images
  • Images of text will be replaced with actual text or avoided where possible
  • Any multimedia content will have captions unless it is background decoration that serves no informational purpose
  • We do not use any flashing content
  • Pages will have clear titles and content organised using descriptive sub-headings 
  • Link titles will be obvious (rather than just 'click here')

If you find any accessibility improvements that you feel we could make, please do contact us on office@nothease.co.uk