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Northease Manor School

Partnership at Northease

There are very few organisations that genuinely change lives – and Northease is one of them. Working with Northease provides your organisation with an opportunity to make the difference.

Reasons to partner with Northease:

  • ­ Enhance your brand
  • ­ Social Impact
  • ­ Exciting staff engagement and development
  • Transform lives

 Ways to work with us

At Northease we develop partnerships with a diverse range of companies and industries.

With our partners we aim to deliver clear business benefits for them while also raising vital funds to give autistic children and young people a voice.

Our life changing work would not be possible without the extraordinary generosity of our corporate partners.

There are lots of ways your company can support Northease, below are some ideas of how you can get involved.

Charity of the year

Being your charity of the year allows us to work together for a set period of time, through pro-bono work, fundraising, volunteering and staff lead initiatives.

We will work with you to devise a year plan full of exciting ideas of how your staff can make a real difference. 

Strategic partnerships

For many charities and organisations the preference is to partner on a long-term strategic basis, which would align the work of the charity with the objectives and goals of the organisation.

We would look for these partnerships to be mutually beneficial and fulfil a need of both the charity and the organisation.

Together we will create opportunities both within your organisation, and nationally, for autistic children and young people and their families. 

Gifts in Kind

Your company can support autistic children and young people and their families by donation of grants, products, meeting room space and pro bono support. 

Event sponsorship

Northease brand is a trusted and respected brand.

This can help generate positive brand awareness through sponsorship. Our sponsorship opportunities are a great way of connecting with target audiences while demonstrating good corporate citizenship. 


We know that companies are full of people who want to be kind and whose time, expertise and specialist skills can help us have a real and lasting impact on the lives of autistic children and young people, and on their families


Why your support matters

As a potential new corporate partner, your support is vital to us being able to achieve our aims of equipping autistic people with the skills, attitudes, behaviours and opportunities to flourish.

We work with businesses across the UK to create partnerships that are mutually beneficial, and that deliver real change for autistic children and young people and their families and carers.

There are currently around 700,000 on the autism spectrum in the UK - that's more than 1 in 100. If you include their families, autism is a part of daily life for 2.8 million people. Many of these have experienced significant trauma and require support to live the lives they choose.

At Northease, we work with our partners to role-model educational excellence, combing specialist expertise with passion and freedom to deliver meaningful outcomes for our young people and all those who have touched their lives. We build confidence, character and capability to realise potential today, tomorrow and into the future.

Why choose us?

Each of our partnerships is unique. We want to explore the different ways we can work together to find a partnership that works for everyone.

Our knowledge and support is among the most advanced in the sector and we’d love your company to become a part of our legacy.

Enhance your brand

There are very few organisations that genuinely change lives – and Northease is one of them – we’re a charity that’s been helping to improve the lives of autistic children and young people and their families and carers, for over 50 years.

Social Impact

Your business will have an opportunity to make a difference in communities that matter to you.

Exciting staff engagement and development

All of our partnerships include the opportunity learn about Northease and fall in love with the work we do.

Throughout our partnership, we provide a range of rewarding volunteering opportunities: from strategic work with Governors and school leaders all the way to meeting our children and young people and helping them through a range of projects and programmes.

Not to mention that we will provide a fundraising portfolio to interest everyone. Whether you’re wanting to run the marathon, take on Yorkshire 3 Peaks or challenge your office to a Bake off, it’ll be a year of fun.

Excellent Account Management

Across every partnership we aim to provide dedicated, enthusiastic and hands on account management. Throughout the year, our amazing senior leadership team will be there to offer advice and support as well as getting to know all your staff to find out what is important to them.

If you are interested in partnership with Northease, we’d love to hear from you:

Email: partnership@northese.co.uk

Tel:  01273 472915