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Northease Manor School


 "He really loves being at Northease and I know he feels so unbelievably comfortable there! It is the best place for him and I am so ridiculously grateful for you all. He is absolutely loving the drumming lessons and has asked for a new drum kit.

"Thank you so so much for everything, it is honestly fantastic".

"With regards to my child and how he is feeling about school - I have never known him to be so himself and embrace life. He is absolutely loving it".

"My child has just completed taster days with you and has loved every minute and realised that school does not have to be a scary place. Everyone has been brilliant and we can’t thank you all enough".

"I just wanted to thank Mrs Stamos, the Senior Leadership Team, and all the staff at Northease for the very informative Y9 Options Evening.

"When I spoke to the various subject teachers, their specific knowledge of my child's strengths/challenges was extremely helpful, and their enthusiasm for supporting the students through their GCSEs was very reassuring".

"I want to say how special and amazing the winter show was. To see the staff and children sharing a wonderful show left me overwhelmed and very emotional it was just such a special moment. It was wonderful to see the strong relationships between staff and pupils and how everyone worked together.  The students were so supported and felt free to fully express themselves. I felt privileged to witness it.  No report could express what I saw between students and teachers that day, well done. I saw my children in a place where they belong and could not help but have a tear in my eye thinking nowhere else could this take place for these special children so thank you, your school is a gift".

"You all do amazing work – thank you".

"We recently visited your school, where you kindly gave us a 'tour' along with answering my many questions. I wanted to thank all the staff for their welcome and especially, would like to express how impressed we were with the children who were kind, respectful and very friendly. Everyone we met and all the facilities were inspirational. We both thought the school was wonderful and my child came away asking when they could start".