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Northease Manor School


Please find below some testimonials we have recently received from parents and carers.

"I know I have already said this, but in light of all the extra support and changes recently, I wanted to say it again.  Thank you for continuing to help us through this difficult time.

The Show My Homework site is good and T is selecting what he feels he can do.


"I just wanted to say how much we appreciate the amazing support we are receiving from you and your team at Northease. In particular I wanted to mention A’s form tutor Mr Grant, who deserves an award for the tutor group sessions he holds. He is always coming up with fun ideas on how to engage the students and it is a real boost for A and I’m sure the others. Today’s was hysterical and so much laughter. He is a great teacher and A is lucky to have him!"

We have also had wonderful support and ideas from Laura (Speech & Language Therapy) and Kaye (OT) who have been great.

Thank you also for your ongoing support. It really is appreciated!"

"I wanted to express our thanks to all of  your staff at this difficult time. We appreciate the schools move to 'Show my Homework' as well as the email addresses etc that have been provided. The work set has been realistic in both the amount set and the type of work. It has also been provided with the children's well being in mind. We have also felt reassured that our best is good enough, which really helps when trying to balance two children and two full time jobs! As SENCOs ourselves we understand just how hard it is for all involved to strike this balance and we really appreciate everything you are all doing.

A has only been with you a short time, and one that has been interrupted by her health and then a lockdown! However, the change in her is already noticeable. She wants to engage with learning, she feels able to do so and her confidence in her ability is growing daily. A is now talking about wanting to be a 'good learner'! A huge part of the changes for A are down to Mrs Cross Brown, who has been phenomenal! A  feels cared about, appreciated and wanted - something she has not previously experienced in the education system.  

Therefore we wanted to pass on our thanks and warmest wishes at this time."